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DIY Kinetic Sand Need A New Sensory Play Activity? Try This


The Kinetic Sand is a special sand that is a sensory pleasure to play with her. The kinetic sand is non-toxic, is gluten-free and allergens and never dries. Similar to wet sand it becomes more moldable than this, being able to diy kinetic sand shapes of great definition with molds.
Here you can see, for example, how this  Mayan pyramid was defined, that we made with this sand mold of Hape.

Now there is no excuse to play with the sand with all the benefits it brings us, because playing with the kinetic sand at home is very easy and clean since the sand only adheres to itself.

Its texture is very special since when the pressure is compacted, that is why you can make figures with molds.

But if you hold it without exerting pressure on it, it comes off spontaneously and smoothly.

Feeling the sand run through the hands in this characteristic way produces a great relaxing effect.

DIY Kinetic Sand


Playing with sand has great benefits for children:
They practice fine psychomotricity,  kneading the sand and pressing it into the molds.
Give free rein to your creativity and imagination, building castles and other figures, creating new worlds in the sand.
They practice the oculus-manual coordination, when removing the sand from their molds and handle them gently so as not to break the creations.
With sand, they can play to invent a thousand stories favoring the symbolic game.
Let the sand run over your fingers, the sound as you pull the sand out of the molds, the rustling of the sand when you cut it with the knife … favor relaxation.
Their manipulation and experimentation provoke a great sensorial stimulation.


With kinetic sand, we can play sand castles as if we were on the same beach, but with the benefit that we can do it at any time of the day without having to wait for good weather or a holiday. For this, the Kinetic Sand casting kit is perfect, which comes with all the necessary elements to start to build our sandcastles, although if we prefer we can buy each of its elements separately.

Included in this kit is a 2.5 kg bag of Kinetic Sand kinetic sand, a  sand tray and molds for casting. With them, we will be able to realize all those castles that we can imagine.
To begin to build ours, we flatten a small piece of sand through the whole tray.

With the molds, we are creating very easily the different elements, imagination to power!

When constructing the castles we will test our pulse and our fine psychomotricity. The kinetic sand allows us to transfer the sand already molded from one place to another but we must do it without putting pressure on it because if we press the mold will undo us.

If we make the caps bigger than the base of the tower we run the danger that it will crumble to us, so we advise regulating the width of the roofs not filling at all the mold if not adjusting the width to each one of the towers. Here we help with the knife-spoon, a very useful tool to play with kinetic sand.


In the end, we have perfect castles, the children will have had a lot of fun and will be very proud, improving their self-esteem, another benefit to add to the benefits of playing with sand.

Do not forget, the feeling of destroying the castles in the sand once finished is unmatched!

diy kinetic sand


Another kit that we want to show you and we have loved, is the Diy Kinetic Sand Kinetic Sand Painting Tool Kit.

Painting sand is a very different and sensorial artistic experience, where children can express their art with materials of very peculiar characteristics. The kit includes 5 paintings of basic colors but you can buy more paintings individually, as well as the painting tools.

To paint with the sand is enough that we apply the painting on the already molded sand and we press it gently with the sponges, distributing it over all the surface.


With the paintings, the forms of play and experimentation expand even more if possible and we encourage creativity to new levels.

There are no limits, try everything you can think of! Here we experimented with pixel art in the sand, why not?

Both to make flower shapes and squares of pixel art we use the molds of geometric shapes, which will serve to make different compositions of drawings and step we will learn to name all forms. Did someone say you could not learn geometry by playing with sand?


With them we also play to fit in with each other, thus experimenting with forms. Thus we can see that a square is formed by two triangles, or by four smaller squares, that the rectangle are two small squares united or that the rhombus is formed by two small triangles …

In the kinetic sand, we can also use most molds for plasticine, such as the ones we teach you in the blog entry that we published a few weeks ago on how to make homemade plasticine.


With them, we can prepare “pastelitos” and decorate them with the paintings. This time we use the glitter paints for kinetic sand.

We apply it without the sponge: with the applicator of the own bottle, we decorate to our taste.

And we were so precious!


Absolutely nothing!
Once we finish decorating our sand, and when the sand is still wet, we mix it again and the paint disappears, leaving our sand clean again.

So that there are no remains in the sand, the paint must not have dried. If we have left it for some time in the air and dried in the sand, we will try to remove the one that is drier. When you remove some sparkling of color may remain in the sand, but as we go using it will disappear.


There are many forms of play with kinetic sand, as many as the experimentation and imagination itself provide, but here we show you some more.
With kinetic sand, we can practice literacy in several ways. For example, writing punctuated letters …

Or drawing the letters in the sand. Although we will not have some very marked letters, because of the texture of the sand, it is a valid experience as well.

diy kinetic sand

We can also form words with letter shapes. These will give us a great game since they can serve us to know the form of the letters, the composition of words, alphabetical order, orthographic rules, sounds …

With kinetic sand, we can also work mathematics in an experiential and manipulative way. With it, we can learn the numbers with molds with the form of numbers, with concepts of fractions as half, quarter … leaving a “cake”.

Or by experimenting with the geometric shapes we discussed earlier.

With the mold to make bricks we can construct different forms, be it numbers, letters, walls, geometric forms …


And another very fun and sensorial game, in which we can practice the stereognostic sense if we do it blindfolded, is to hide treasures inside the arena. Here we use Grimm’s precious stones but you can use dolls, numbers, letters, written and folded paper messages …

With stones, if we do with bare eyes we can work the colors, naming each color to find a stone.


Playing with DIY kinetic sand is very easy, enjoyable and fun. Part of the fun is finding out for yourself how to handle it, it’s easier parts and its limitations, but these three tricks may help you to enjoy it even more.
Both to work with molds that are not too thick to create surfaces where “writing” is great to use a  kitchen trowel to get the sand to be pressed and even, creating a good canvas to experiment and create.

To make our figures very straight when introducing the sand, we must press it well with the fingers inside it and remove the surplus with a knife, thus we will be perfect forms.


To collect the crumbs that are left scattered on the table we take a large ball of sand and we are sticking to it all the minutes, this form will leave the table clean very easily.


The kinetic sand is never dried but to preserve its qualities we must do it in a zip bag or if we have it in the container tray wrapped with a paper of film As we do better!


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