how to make kinetic sand

How to make kinetic sand and how to entertain your children by magic sand

How to make kinetic sand or magic sand mass

Kids love playing with kinetic sand or modeling, modeling and creating shapes, combining colors and creating a magical world. The mass of sand, called kinetic sand or kinetic sand is particularly striking for its texture. It is a soft and soft mass to the touch and can be modeled, but when leaving it seems to have own movement. This arouses the curiosity of the little ones and the fun is assured. This mass of kinetic sand has several advantages, can be dyed in different colors with edible dyes. It does not scatter like normal sand. It can be stored in airtight jars and lasts for a long time. And as if this were not enough, we can do it ourselves for our children.How to make kinetic sand.


  • 1 cup of sand,
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons of cornstarch,
  • 1 teaspoon of detergent (dishwasher, dishwasher, liquid dish soap)
  • Water, quantity needed


  • Place in a bowl the fine sand and the cornstarch
  • Add dish soap and water and mix well.
  • Add the food coloring in case you want to make the colored sand.
  • Allow to dry for 1-2 hours.

The kinetic sand is ready to play!!

How to make kinetic sand or magic sand mass

How to entertain your children by magic

What baby does not like sand? It is to sit them on the beach with the shovel and bucket and abracadabra! Babies and children entertained for hours. Creativity without risks and relaxation time for parents, how can we not love the beach?How to make kinetic sand at home.

Kinetic sand, also called magical sand, is the artificial and domestic version of wet sand. Its main advantage is that it does not crumble, scattering – supposedly – with what is very clean. It has the same characteristics of sand, as far as it can be molded, but is not sticky like plasticine to use. Also, if we do it at home, we can use it as much as we like.

We only have one thing left to play!


Babies love to experiment with their little hands on the texture of kinetic sand


As it begins to get hot, we will surely choose to do like other years: simply put a plastic painter on the floor and let them enjoy. These plastics are in DIY stores and they are really cheap, and when they finish playing we will not even have to sweep. We just have to gather our flour in your tupper, and then pick up the plastic and shake the debris in the trash can, or directly throw it away.

We must provide different utensils so that they can explore all possibilities: molds, cutters, containers of different sizes, building blocks, buckets, shovels … different figures of dolls and animals … they will use everything! The kinetic sand is fantastic to let your imagination fly, you will be surprised of all its possibilities.

How to make kinetic sand or magic sand mass

Another option is to use a large box as a sandbox, so we would not have to collect anything, although the amount we have to prepare is much greater.

That if, stain is stained, do not fool ourselves, whether kinetic sand or homemade, there always remains in the clothes, but personally I compensate for how much they entertain.

Are you excited to make kinetic sand at home?

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