Kinetic Sand Colors

Doing Kinetic Sand Colors the Right Way


Different Methods of Doing Kinetic Sand Colors

Right through this blog post, we will be discussing in detail as about the making of kinetic sand colors. It is rather accessible in simple and plain texture, but it would look much more entertaining with the colored kinetic sand texture.

Keeping in mind the popularity of colored kinetic sand, here we are sharing some of the important methods through which you can learn how to color it easily.

Kinetic Sand Colors

Method to Make Your Own Colored Kinetic Sand:

Method no 1: Food Coloring:

If you have been thinking about coloring the kinetic sand with the use of food coloring then you need to consider few of the important things first of all. You need to initially add the liquid texture of food coloring to the water. You will add the water before you mix it with the recipe. You can even choose to add up the liquid food coloring as into some more water and add to the sand that is already wet. This will at the end of the day be making the sand wet much. To make the sand dry, you make the use of paper towels and cookie sheets.

Method No 2: Tempera Paint Powder:

Tempera paint powder is one such kind of method that would work at the best in the colored kinetic sand method. As compared to the food coloring stain, this method will wash away the kinetic color easily. Start the method and mix the cup of sand and 1 teaspoon of dry paint. As you done with it, you will be adding the more paint, 1 teaspoon at a time, and hence do the mixing until and unless you do get the desired texture and color.

Method No 3: Colored Chalk:

Colored chalk is another one of the most recommended methods for coloring the kinetic sand. This method does require from you the mixing off with the little of the kinetic sand along with the dry tempera paint.

Kinetic Sand Colors

Method No 4: Alcohol-Based Ink:

On the last, we would be bringing you up with the name of alcohol-based ink method! As in order to perform with this method, you will be holding with some bottles of alcohol-based ink and add up to some 1-2 drops. Mix it well. It is to be mentioned that use of alcohol would stain skin because the kinetic sand would stay back as moist. Ink that is present inside the alcohol would get so quickly and the pigments would leave behind as over the stains of the sand. The ink alcohol may dry out the sand as well.

This is all we have ended up with the 4 simple and best to follow up methods right through which you can easily make colored kinetic sand. All the methods are much easy to try and would help you to make a colored kinetic sand for your kid in just a few minutes. Keep your kids away from the ingredients being used in kinetic sand colored making process.

We hope that this article would have come about to be much information for you! So just stop wasting any more time and let’s try with these interesting methods of making colored kinetic sand!

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