Moon Sand, Kinetic Sand Or Magic Sand

Moon Sand, Kinetic Sand Or Magic Sand

Our students were amazed when our companion Luz brought us a bag of kinetic sand or moon sand from the Children’s Museum of New York. We did not know her, and without seeing and/or touching it, it is very difficult to explain the sensation that produces both visual and tactile, but with this video, you can get a rough idea.

Moon Sand, Kinetic Sand Or Magic Sand

At that time, we were very dedicated to our modeling workshops, and this way of working, with this material, was an experience and a sensation that was not like any of the other masses or pastas that we had previously used. It even has a relaxing, almost hypnotic effect when viewed as it expands and collapses.
We were so “hooked” that we searched the net how we could “make it” in class.
Now, in these days of so much activity, alteration, and tiredness, we decided to take up the matter, thinking that it could be a relaxing experience.

Recipe Of Moon Sand, Kinetic Sand Or Magic Sand

In a first search, we saw several recipes to make it seem simple; Apparently, it was just about adding baby oil. Easy thing. Thus, we look for moon sand, as we were told, we put it in the oven to eliminate germs; We sifted it and, all excited, added the oil. The children were the first to realize that this was not the same as the commercial kinetic sand we had tried. They noticed that it stained our hands – which was not the case with the other – that we could not compact it to shape it, and they did not dissolve like the other. We looked at whether it was adding more oil, but that was not the problem. They enjoyed playing with it, but they did nothing more than comparing with the tactile and visual memory they had. This gave much of itself. Therefore, we do not understand it as a failure,
One child pointed out that maybe I was confused and that it was baby gel since it is more sticky. Everyone else thought the proposal was correct, so that would be the second attempt. Others pointed to the possibility of pouring water. Others of which could be softener because it left the hands very soft. We found it incredible how many hypotheses or alternatives came out. We also agreed that they would ask their parents to look at their computers or tablets in case they appeared something different than in ours.
On our own we refined the search and we knew that kinetic sand or magic sand is a compound that for the most part (98%) is sand, plus 2% of chemical compounds, such as  polydimethylsiloxane, a silicone based on an organic polymer that provides Of particular properties such as malleability, which does not dry, does not stain – because it only sticks to itself – and is not harmful. He adds that this compound is so expensive that it does not pay to do it at home.
But we were already on board. Now there was no turning back; At least we should check the children’s proposals. We had nothing to lose, we were investigating, manipulating, exercising the visual memory, the tactile, and at least they were enthusiastic. Thus we also saw the alternative of adding cornstarch  (Maizena) and water.


We Prepared For The Tests

Again, we prepared for the tests: we divided them into four groups according to whether they chose water + oil, gel, softener, or the teacher’s secret ingredient, maize flour, which the truth did not have many followers except one Child and a girl who, we suppose, positioned themselves more by “loyalty” with the teacher than by conviction.
On paper, we prepared a hypothesis check table, which each one would cover based on their perception of the results achieved with the different ingredients. As well as the fulfillment of the unique characteristics of the magic sand: no stain-model-crumbles-moves. We were aware of the difficulty of verifying one of the latter in negative – not stain – we could put it without denial, – would make it easier to understand it – but, in that way, we would not be given all the affirmative Which we decided to keep it that way. If we got the right formula, all the conditions themselves would have to be fulfilled, just like the commercial arena.
After the first three failures, and seeing their discouragement, we came to promise that if we did not make it, I would buy a package of commercial kinetic sand or moon sand, no matter how expensive it is.

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