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In the post about ideas to ask the Magi, I already anticipated that to read we would ask for a box of magic sand or kinetic Sand (kinetic) sand. And he brought it to us!
I was eager to try it and very curious about the true texture of this very promising material.

It is a Swedish “invention” and consists largely of sand (98%) and other compounds that give this texture similar to wet sand. It presumes to be composed of natural and hypoallergenic materials (I am a mega allergic I had no problem with contact).
As a toy it meets the requirements: it improves fine motor skills, is a creative toy, will have a long life of use, we can play together, and teach.

Magic Sand
I have many laps and I read many recommendations to decide on a particular brand, and in the end, I chose the one from Goliath (Magic Sand) or Kinetic Sand, for being better valued, especially in the presentation of the product. It is a gift addressed to children and some brand seems to be simply a plastic bag with the sand inside.
This is not that it has a great packaging, but at least it does have a box with photos with creations and also has a drawer to play and collect and several molds with geometric figures: Goliath, magic Sand, classic creative game 19.46 €
Then we will return to this point because having it already in my power has become clearer which one should choose.
First impressions:
The truth is that the texture was not expecting me like this. I had gotten more idea of ??the texture of beach sand, and it is an intermediate thing between plasticine and foam. At sight, it does look more like sand, but to the touch not too much.
Playing with it does seem more like the treatment of sand because it does not cram as much as plasticine or similar materials.
Let’s break it down:
Smell: Almost priceless, we can practically say it has no aroma.
Clean touch. It is not sticky or leaves grease on the surface. In the hands after playing for a long time remains a very fine grain track that goes very easy with the water.
(Kinetic sand)moon sand texture
Stain? No, except in corduroy pants if the child tries to take it off and repels it. (I.e. We will clarify, not really stain, stick to this type of material, but with water or a brush it goes very fast.
It picks up fast. Yes. It is not loose and we do not have to have the vacuum cleaner ready. With the hand, we drag the surplus product and can be collected simply with the fingers. (in the video that I put you then it looks very good).

Moon Sand kinder Garden Recommendedd Age
Age: It is recommended according to the manufacturer, from 4 years old, my son is now 4 and a half years old and has used it without a problem, then he has started the march and has not stopped creating, although what he most likes is kneading and kneading. Other brands indicate it from 3.
Older children, with greater skill and dexterity with their hands, will be able to make more elaborate creations.
At home, we have a baby and with all logic, as soon as he saw it he put his hands to fiddle and squeeze and then eat it. So away from the babies. Although not toxic in principle, I do not think it’s very healthy to eat a handful of sand.
Now we are going to see a small video in it, we will be able to see all the aspect that most concerns us all, “does not really stain?” “If we fall, we turn the room into a beach?”

Magic Sand Kinetic sand


In short, I do recommend it as a toy. It’s fun to play with and quite versatile. What is built is more ephemeral than with plasticine, because it is easier to break, yes.
Do not expect to keep your wonderful creations. But for that, we make hundreds of photos a day …
And for parents worried about cleaning, any other toy leaves more trace than this. With supervision, there is no problem, and in case of disaster, it is not such, as it is easy to solve. Do not think of millions of grains scattered around the house and sticking to the sneakers … It’s pretty clean.
magic sand
On what pack to buy, I have been quite clear that you do not have to break your head too much. Better to look for one that carries more sand, because the accessories are fine, but we can use anything plastic we have at home as a mold.
The accessories can almost double the price of the pack, and I think it is not worth much.
There are packs of animals, castle, figures … but, like on the beach, who has not made castles with plastic beach chairs and towers with the empty vessel of the caliph? ;-P
For example, of the same price, but with 150 gm more (and without molds), we have: magic Sand – Start Set, Creative Game (Goliath 83210)
To see more options and other brands, follow this link: Magic Sand in Amazon, various options of purchase and brands (more or less from € 17 to € 40). It is also wise to buy some of the packs that come in airtight box, to keep it easier. But in a big supper that we have for the house.
This one that I buy is white, but there are also striking colors.
magic sand
To finish, we leave another sample on video, which will better illustrate everything we have told.
And to you, did you convince him to ask the Kings?

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