Why is my Kinetic Sand too wet/dry?

Sometimes you will feel your Kinetic sand to be wet and dry too much as this is probably because of the texture being sensitive to humidity and water. If it is losing with its texture, then it would be prominent because of the environment as being too much dry or moist.

How to play with Kinetic Sand Float?

Playing with the kinetic sand float is one of the interesting things to do. You can create exciting and best shapes of seals as well as turtles and mold dolphins too. It is being comprised with the feature of the Paradise Island contoured water tray that would assist you with the playing area

How should I store Kinetic Sand?

One of the best quality of the kinetic sand is that it would not get dry out at the open air. You can search for the most convenient storage method that can be in the form of old ice-cream or Tupperware container. You can better make the use of it.

How do I clean up Kinetic Rock?

In order to easily clean the Kinetic rock, you can make the best use of the small ball of Kinetic rock in order to dab up the loose bits. You can wipe off the surface with the use of dry cloth. You do not have to make the use of any kind of water or cleaning solution.

How do I store my Kinetic Rock?

Kinetic rock has the material and texture as through which it would never get dry out. But still, we would recommend you to place it into some resealable container. This would let you keep it in one place and keep it away from the dust.

Why is my Kinetic Rock too wet/dry?

Kinetic Rock might get turn into the wet or dry texture as because of the humidity and water. If in case it is losing its original great texture, then it would be might because of the rock or environment that is much ‘moist’ or ‘dry’.

Kinetic Sand

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