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 what is kinetic sand

You can not imagine what is kinetic sand what it feels like to touch it. We could not stop playing with it when we discovered a few months ago. It is cool and relaxing to the touch. We did not know what could be done, it was something that we had never experienced before. After reading through the internet. We discovered that it is a material made of 98% natural sand and 2% of other chemical elements, but not toxic, that help you maintain this strange texture.
Here we show how it can be used, but we warn you … nothing like experiencing it for yourselves!


This sand is almost magical, it is reusable, it does not dirty since its remains are easily stuck. It hardly smells, it does not dry … and with it, you can make shapes, cut it, let it slip by our hands, use it as a base to play With animals …It gives us a world of possibilities.

What Is Kinetic Sand

Still you are confused what is kinetic sand

For all that we can do with it, it becomes a very rich sensory experience, which helps to improve the fine psychomotricity, to sharpen the senses and to feel calmer.

Now, we must say that given the “boom” it is generating, there are more and more brands and colors, so we always advise comparing them, seeing quality-price and deciding which one best fits our needs. Another aspect to keep in mind is that the sand usually sells it with a tray and/or utensils to play with it as molds, rollers or knives and therefore, the price rises in some cases. However, we can not ignore, that in all the houses we usually have these things, so in our opinion, it is an unnecessary expense.

How to make kinetic sand

However, one of our philosophies is recycling, taking advantage of the resources and materials we have at our disposal, so we have tried to make our own kinetic sand, natural. As natural as the sand we are going to use is the one we caught on a beach in Portugal and the ingredients are very small and very common. Do you dare to try with us?

We found 3 ways to do it, but not all effective. Ingredients:

Option 1:

3 cups of sand
2/3 of water

2 tablespoons liquid soap

2 cups cornstarch

Option 2:


1/3 cornstarch

3 tablespoons water

1 teaspoon liquid soap

Option 3:

2 glasses of sand

1 glass of cornstarch

1/2 teaspoon liquid soap

1/2 glass of water

Our experience:

Choice 1: In making this mixture, we observe that there is an excess of both water and soap, as a white foam layer eventually formed.

Choice 2: Unlike the previous mix, this paste remained very dry and hard.

Choice 3: The best advantage. We had to make some changes in the quantities of the ingredients, but we showed you how we made them.

What Is Kinetic Sand

We begin by mixing the water with the soap gently and on the other hand, the sand with the cornstarch. Then slowly add the liquid to the solid mixture. To us with the aforementioned quantities came out correctly, but our advice is to incorporate teaspoons of water to get the desired mixture.

Obviously, being home does not have exactly the same properties as the kinetic sand we can buy in the market so, among other things, our natural sand DOES stay in the hands and is not so clean. In addition, we have appreciated that over time.The mixture is hardening, but if we add more water to soap, it returns to its original state. Despite these differences, it seems a great alternative, because we spend some time with our children to elaborate, we will work the logic-mathematics as we see the proportions and encourage them to continue experimenting and trying to do things for themselves.


Playing with kinetic sand is very easy, enjoyable and fun. Part of the fun is finding out for yourself how to handle it, it’s easier parts and its limitations, but these three tricks may help you to enjoy it even more.
Both to work with molds that are not too thick to create surfaces where “writing” is great to use a  kitchen towel to get the sand to be pressed and even, creating a good canvas to experiment and create.

To make our figures very straight when introducing the sand, we must press it well with the fingers inside it and remove the surplus with a knife, thus we will be a perfect form.


To collect the crumbs that are left scattered on the table we take a large ball of sand and we are sticking to it all the miguitas, this form will leave the table clean very easily.


The kinetic sand is never dried but to preserve its qualities we must do it in a zip bag or if we have it in the container tray wrapped with a paper of film As we do better!

Still, you confused what is kinetic sand

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